My Story

In 2012, I left New York to travel & pursue the healthiest life possible.


I write about stuff most people don't have time to think about.

I try to take really complicated stuff and make it easy to understand.

I used to keep it to myself--now I share it.

Matt Reccommends

When stuff works & there is science behind it, I recommend it. 

Don't worry, I hit up the companies for commission, so it doesn't cost you anything.  In business this is called an affiliate disclosure.




Graduated from college.   Not so healthy.  Lifted weights a lot.


Started with Jared.


We got good at blogging and stuff. We had 500K monthly readers at this point. 

I was stressed so I went to a yoga class.


I went to Iceland.  We started Under30Experiences, a travel company for people ages 21-35.


We sold Under30CEO and I stopped eating gluten & dairy.

I started the Live Different Podcast so I could interview the world's experts in business, travel, health, & performance.


Under30Experiences was named #801 on the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Private Companies in America.

Luz and I basically had been living in Costa Rica full-time for years.  We like the jungle.


I wrote The Millennial Travel Guidebook.

And I started this blog.

Life is really great.

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